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CRC loves ALL people.


We are an inclusive Christian church that loves, values and embraces all people and we are committed to treat all people equally and with respect regardless of their culture, age, gender, ethnicity, education or belief.


We are a Bible believing and preaching church and adhere to Biblical values and morals. We believe that the Bible is the instruction manual/guide to Christians for living a successful life as God, our Creator, intended. 


We welcome all to join our church services and our heart as a Christian church is that each one would come into a real relationship with Jesus Christ, receive the new nature that is made available through being born again from the Spirit of God, be baptised in water, filled with His Holy Spirit and be empowered to increasingly grow into the likeness of Christ. 

We respect that people have different perspectives, views and beliefs and that each one has the freedom of choice to follow Christian values according to the Bible or not. Every person that attends our worship services has the choice to become an official member of our congregation or not. Those who choose to become committed members of our congregation, and by implication followers of the Christian faith according to what the Bible instructs, will be trained and encouraged to adhere to the teachings of the Word of God.


We believe that Jesus Christ loves ALL people, died for all people and made a way for all people to have a new life, regardless of their personal identity or beliefs, and it is our heart for each person who comes to our church to first start a journey with Him, and then seek truth for their way of living through God’s Word (the Bible) for all aspects of their lives. 


As a church, CRC is focused to point people to Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and The Life according to the Bible. As CRC we are FOR people finding direction, truth and true life in Jesus. We are FOR people finding faith, hope and love in God. We are FOR helping people. We are FOR life. CRC loves God, loves people and loves the local church. 

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