Building the Lord’s House

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We have been called to build God a house that glorifies the Name of Jesus Christ. Too many of God’s children start off on the journey of building God a house with fire and passion, but later along the way, we find a lot of men have lost their passion and commitment to the work of building God’s house. Many Christians are coming to church but they are not involved in building the house of the Lord, we are like spectators in the house of the Lord and our only focus is building our own lives. If we say we love Jesus and are in church for His sake then we must know that He expects us to do as He did which was to keep our focus on Building the Lord’s house.


In part 1 of the two-part series, Pastor Thabo Marais teaches the significance of building a house for the Lord, but crucially He shows us the fundamental principles which we must apply to our lives in order for us to be able to keep our focus on building the Lord’s house. In Part 2, Pastor Thabo, teaches the key principles which Jesus Christ as the master builder applied in building the church and which we as his disciples must apply in our lives to effectively keep on building the house of the Lord.

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